Friday, 29 April 2016

Nashik: A City Blessed by the Water Gods

To best experience the beautiful ripples of tranquility that the city of Nashik evokes, one must reside at Sanklecha Waterways - elegant water-front residences in a quiet enclave tucked away from the bustle of the city yet in the centre . The meticulously-planned project enchantingly unfolds to reveal spacious 2 and 3 BHK apartments that focus on ostentatious living. Sanklecha Waterways is graced with a picturesque landscape and influenced by the water element. Its architecture features flowing lines and incorporates water bodies into the development.

The inspiration for Waterways comes from Nashik being a region of many rivers. The River Godavari originates just 25 Kms away and flows through the city. The important rivers Vaitarana, Bhima, Girana, Kashyapi and Darana also flow through Nashik, and the city is truly blessed by the Water Gods.

It is a premium residential project in Dwarka, Nashik where one experiences the thrill of the modern city while being pampered in comfort and serenity. The development is synonymous with everyday living and the attention to connectivity and state-of-the-art amenities produces homes that attend to every detail of a modern lifestyle.

Sanklecha Waterways is a unique project where the world of aquatic bliss showers you with the blessing of the Water Gods, the water element gently coercing the natural flow of pure living.

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

The Metrozone- Your Dream Home in Nashik

The wine capital of India, Nashik, has been witnessing a rapid transformation in the last couple of decades. A city blessed with many positives, it has been growing by leaps and bounds – which has resulted in a steady rise in housing demand. For starters, Nashik is located close to Mumbai and Pune. Home to a number of rivers such as Godavari and Girna, it also enjoys an abundant supply of water. Despite being a major industrial city, Nashik boasts of low levels of pollution. To top it all off, it has always been blessed with favourable climatic conditions.

Sanklecha Constructions, a real estate group that has a strong foothold in a several Indian cities, now brings to you The Metrozone, a new residential project in Nashik. Spread across 34 acres of lush greenery, the contemporary homes have transformed the skyline of the city. Situated on a high plateau, the project offers uninterrupted access to natural vistas and acres of rolling countryside.

 With an elegant mix of space, style and convenience, The Metrozone, is made to suit all the lifestyle aspirations that you may have. With its spacious 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5 and premium 4 BHK apartments, the project has been designed for community living, to celebrate relationships, create new bonds and make countless memories. With a host of plush and awe-inspiring amenities, The Metrozone unravels an exciting lifestyle.

Metrozone stands tall in the heart of Nashik, offering you every type of convenience.

Sanklecha Constructions – The Awe-Inspiring Homes

The real estate sector in India is growing by leaps and bounds. The new policies and reforms introduced by the government are providing a strong boost to the segment. In the near future, real estate in India is expected to flourish more, with development of residential as well as commercial properties catering to varied income groups. A leading name in Indian real estate industry is that of Sanklecha Constructions, a brand that has made a mark in this industry with many impressive landmarks across Pune and Nashik.

Established in 1978, the group has risen to a prominent position in this domain. With over 75 prestigious projects in its pocket, the group is continuing to forge ahead strongly.

A number of innovative projects are in its pipeline. One of them is the Waterways in Nashik. The intricate design of the project enables its residents to experience immaculate life by the rejuvenating water bodies. Another new creation, Mango Woods, a joint venture between A Yepre & Sanklecha provides the experience of a superior lifestyle at premium homes with its spacious apartments and plush amenities. Yet another one, Mango One in Pune, an artistically designed project, offers extravagantly stylish lifestyle. Its exquisitely designed 2 & 3 BHK residences is spread across 1.25 landscaped acres. There are a number of other ongoing projects in its pipeline.

The residential projects created by Sanklecha Group house over 2,500 happy customers, which itself speaks about its customer-centric construction practices. An endless effort to reinvent its practices has helped the renowned developer to stay ahead of its times. The group has excelled in creating extraordinary lifestyle spaces to suit the needs of a contemporary home-buyer. Explore more about the group at

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Enjoy a Wholesome Lifestyle with Unmatched Luxury at The Metrozone

For some, it takes everything to live their life, their way. At The Metrozone, however, creating a lifestyle you’ve always aspired for is a cakewalk. With numerous options – and reasons – at your disposal to celebrate life, Metrozone gives an all new meaning to township living.

Spread across 34 acres of picturesque lushness, Metrozone is a tasteful assemblage of luxury 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5- and premium 4 BHK flats for sale in Nashik, rendering a unique look to the rapidly transforming city. Neatly tucked atop a high plateau, it offers an uninterrupted access to serene natural vistas and acres of rolling countryside. Built with an aim of offering Nashik its own unique claim to fame, it stands as an epitome of elegance, regal style and unparalleled pizzazz. It seamlessly weaves the city’s sparkling glory with a well-placed lifestyle.

Cradling an exclusive lifestyle that is both holistic and awe-inspiring, Metrozone stands as an apt amalgamation of intelligent features and indulgent comforts. From striking internal features such as Italian marble flooring, modular doors and elite bathroom fittings, to external conveniences such as a grand entrance court, manicured lawns, amphitheatre, miniature golf course and barbecue courtyard among others, Metrozone scales new heights of luxury at an unhurried pace.

Located at convenient proximity to both Mumbai and Pune, Metrozone is one of the most coveted real estate locations in Nashik. Within a 3-km radius lie city’s key educational, business, and entertainment hubs; Sai Palace Hotel (2 kms), Symbiosis International School (3 kms) and MIDC Ambad (3 kms), to name a few. With the Mumbai-Agra highway merely 1.8 kms away and Nasik-Mumbai highway just a few minutes away, Metrozone lends unparalleled connectivity, placing you in the midst of all conveniences.

Sanklecha - Enhancing the Skylines of Mega Cities

With the firm ideology of changing and reinventing to stay ahead of times through state-of-the-art innovations, Sanklecha has established itself as a leading name in the real estate industry. It is the group’s impressive experience of nearly four decades that backs the brand’s strengths, and helps them strive towards getting bigger and better in the days to come. With over 75 esteemed projects to its name and several in the pipeline, Sanklecha continues to transform the lives of its buyers, and responsibly enhances the skylines of the mega cities.

In their constant effort to promulgate innovative, aesthetic architectural concepts in designing homes best suited to the needs and wants of their customers, Sanklecha has introduced numerous unique residential projects that mark the skyline of Maharashtra. Lending cities like Mumbai, Nashik and Pune the status they deserve, the group has created projects that are today proud homes to more than 2,500 happy residents.

Among Sanklecha’s most-looked-forward-to endeavours in the near future is The Metrozone, one of the finest residential projects in Nashik for sale. Featuring a beautiful layout of 12-storey towers than enclose large, central open spaces, this project of 2, 2,5, 3, 3.5 and premium 4 BHK apartments is all set to transform into a place that visitors can gaze at in wonder, and a select few can call home.

Mango Woods in Pune, on the other hand, is Sanklecha’s one true key to unlock the experience of quality living at premium homes that are exclusive by design. Featuring exquisitely crafted 2 BHK apartments, Mango Woods strives towards creating a mark of distinction in the real estate arena of Pune.

With a slew of unique residential projects forthcoming, Sanklecha endeavours to challenge its accomplishments so as to redefine the organisation’s goals, surpassing excellence itself in their venture to accomplish them.

Friday, 14 August 2015

How often have you done it?

Previously we had discussed about a certain aspects that you need to consider before buying your first investment where we spoke about being aware of the personal finances and planning before you begin to search a property. Today, we are going to discuss some more crucial segments of buying your first investment property in the following section:

What type of property you should be buying?
The Real estate industry has its own dynamic factors that make the field too exciting for the investors. However, when we invest, we do enjoy this excitement as well as the risks involved. But, we all desire to attain stability in the long run. So, decide what type of property you want to buy that can give you what you desire.

Neighborhood Matters!
When you are all set to buy a property, you begin to search for the different kinds  of property that you can invest upon. You begin with the market research and gain information about the present price trends in different locations. With this you start projecting the probable price of properties after a few years, say 10 years. But, at this point of time, what you must consider is that the property you invest in today should be at a location that does not create problems for you when you resell the property. Hence, choose the property at a strategic location.

Watch your investment expenses!
The common mistake that most of the first investment property buyers make is underestimating their expenses. The thumb rule of real estate is “50% rule” which  explains that over a time expenses on a property will equal to 50% of the income from the property. Hence, do not neglect your expenses and be prepared for the expenses on the property that would arise post buying your investment property.
Last, but not the least!

How are you financing your investment?
There are multiple ways to make the payment for your property. It can be self funding or you can even opt for a bank loan  or finances from different financial institutions.
Paying through self finance can complete your deal,  but when you decide to apply for loans, do look into the interest rates on the loan. Avoid opting for a variable interest rate as it may increase at any point of time and may create a difficult situation for you to  manage your finances then.

So to conclude with, have a plan, stay informed and make informed choices while buying your first investment property! 

Monday, 3 August 2015

What out of these you missed in your first investment property?

You know it, we know it! Everybody knows it! It’s on TV, in newspapers, in magazines, and what not! Investing in property seems to be one of the most preferred options for people whose budget is not limited. Investing in real estate has done wonders for people preparing for their future financial requirements. However, do you think all the investments that you make are equal?
Not necessarily a yes!
The key to making an investment for getting great returns is in the fundamentals of what makes a great real estate investment and focus on investing in the best property available! Expecting to have great returns on investment in an inappropriate property is like a pipe dream! Being realistic and practical is also important!
Property buying and investments is not a small thing to talk about. You visit a realtor and he can harp on it for hours to convince you to buy the property to get his fee. But, when it comes to investing in property without any consultation, you get cold feet as it involves the risk of putting all your money at stake! So, in order to help you acquire a property of your choice and right investment, here are a few important aspects you should consider before buying your first investment property!
Are you up for it?                                                                   
Investing in properties is not for every person out there. While you need not be listed on the list of the richest people across India, it is important for you to have sound knowledge about your finances before you gear up to invest in a property! Only you know if you are all set to invest in a property, so look into the inventory of your life and see if there is room for a real estate investment. If it does, then great!
Have you Planned?
Perhaps, one of the common reasons why many of the investors lose money in stocks, mutual funds, real estate or business is due to the lack of planning! So you would surely not want to head forward without a plan in your hand! So before you invest in a property, plan out your investment strategically for better returns.
Once you have a set plan, you need to begin with your search. But, the beginning too needs to be planned. To know what more you need to examine before buying a property, stay tuned with us!